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I have been exercising my whole life, and I have tried every sport I could. From an early age football and swimming took centre stage. I played for Wolverhampton Wanders girls team and swam for Wolverhampton. This continued into my teenage years, when I got introduced to many more sports in school. At the age of 13, I added cycling to my weekly training. At this age there were many distractions,but my coaches made exercise fun as well as keeping us all focused.


When I left school I knew I wanted to work in sports and fitness. I went to college and studied Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise for 2 years. During this time I volunteered at a local gym as a motivator. My role was to go around the gym and help people stay motivated by talking to them and showing them new things. While I was there I got to know the Personal Trainers and their clients and found out why they did what they did. From then I knew I wanted to be a Personal Trainer. I wanted to help people better their lives the way my coaches had helped me.


I have worked in a number of gyms since 2005, the most recently being Virgin Active. I was at Virgin Active for 4 and a half years and it was there I really started to understand my clients and their goals.


My aim now is to help people achieve their goals and make sure they have fun doing it.


Natalie Hurdley

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